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Whiter teeth look attractive and healthy and are considered one of the most important aspects of beauty.  In fact, when you see a smiling person the first thing that you notice is his or her teeth. 


While we do offer teeth whitening in our office, there are many steps you can add to your home-care routine to improve the appearance of teeth between visits. 


In this article, you will be provided with three (3) important tips to remember on how to get whiter teeth in order to boost your self-confidence. 


The Tips for Whiter Teeth



1.    Change your toothbrush

Your toothbrush will not last forever. The bristles bend and will slowly turn to its darker color. Once it happens, you should replace it with a new one because it will not be able to cleanse your teeth effectively. It is also advised to do it every two to three months.


2.    Brush your teeth with Baking Soda weekly

Baking soda is another effective substance to whiten your teeth. You just have to brush your teeth normally like how you would do it with toothpaste. Another alternative is salt, but do not swallow it.


3.    Eating of fruits and vegetables

Eating these will surely make your teeth cleaner by wiping away the surface stains, as well as the stubborn plaque that could lead to a cavity in your tooth. An ideal fruit to eat for whiter teeth is apple. Also, if you eat an orange or other citrus fruits, you should rinse your mouth immediately after eating them. They contain acid that corrodes the enamel of your tooth making it easier to be stained.


If you are looking to whiten or brighten your smile, contact our office todey! 

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