Dr. Tomaro Provides the Implant Info You Need

As the top provider of dental implants in Las Vegas and Summerlin Nevada, Dr. Tomaro knows a thing or two about dental implants. This naturally looking and feeling replacement to missing teeth is becoming the most popular means for restoring the smile, all of which you can learn more about by reviewing our dental implants page. On that page, we provide videos and in-depth information on the procedure and process itself, but we understand that for some people, it may be a lot to digest at once.


For that very reason, we have provided a few quicker points for why you may want to consider dental implants in today’s blog post!


-Dental implants are very successful! In fact, depending on the individual’s overall dental health, most implants have over a 95% success rate and can last years and years longer than other alternatives, such as dental bridges. Dr. Tomaro can help make sure that your jaw and dental health are in the right condition to receive the implant beforehand, and that after you are healing just as you should be. The process can be quick, but it is the before and after care that makes it last.


-Implants look AND feel natural! Most patients will see the aesthetic difference between an implant and a bridge quite easily. Implants anchor into the jaw and are topped with realistic-looking false teeth that are very hard to tell from your natural smile. What many don’t realize until they get the implant is the sensation. Since there is a root in place, you feel the chewing, speech and other sensations you might not get as well with alternatives.


-Implants protect other teeth! Having a gap in your smile not only is an aesthetic concern but can cause issues with your bite, speech, other teeth can shift as a result and more. By having dental implants you can save your other teeth from stresses of the aforementioned issues, but also can save surrounding teeth from having to be involved as they would with a dental bridge too.


For more information about dental implants or to schedule your consultation with the #1 provider of implants in Las Vegas, call Dr. Tomaro today at (702) 331-4700.

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