Advantages of in-office Teeth Whitening


Men and women, as well as some teens, struggle with discoloration that has dulled the vibrancy of their smile. Because your smile is a representation of your personality, as well as your character (according to research), maintaining the color of teeth is hugely important. Throw in the fact that we live in a time during which we must be ever-ready for that selfie, and you have even more reason to consider the advantages of professional teeth whitening. Patients of our Las Vegas office often choose to have their teeth whitened here in the office. Here are some reasons why . . .


  • Convenience. Ultimately, the convenience of a single whitening process performed by our experienced staff is what leads a lot of patients to choose this approach. When we do the work, you don't have to think about anything other than how good you will look in the next hour! We apply the precise amount of whitening solution to your teeth. We make sure your gums, lips, and eyes are protected. We observe the changes in enamel as light works its magic on the peroxide gel. You sit back and relax.
  • Consistent, immediate results. Once discoloration has become evident, most people feel self-conscious about their smile until this problem is resolved. So, the sooner the better, right? Compared to home whitening with commercial kits, our in-office whitening treatment is far more efficient. This is because we can use higher concentrations of peroxide while still maintaining comfort and safety.
  • Safety. The transformation of the color of your teeth is observed by our staff throughout your visit. If you feel discomfort, sometimes called "zaps" or "zings," we can stop treatment. Most patients find this slight sensitivity very tolerable, and appreciate the trade-off, which is a beautiful new smile.


One thing to know about in-office teeth whitening is that it does not get teeth any brighter than what is possible with our professional take-home whitening kit. The key to success is the concentration of peroxide gel, not the method of application.


Regain the vibrancy of your smile with professional teeth whitening in Las Vegas. Call 702-331-4700.

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