Avoiding Root Canal Treatment

Nobody runs out to sign up for root canal treatment. It just isn’t at the top of most people’s fun things to do list. We are going to offer some simple steps on how to avoid root canal treatment pain and what to do if a root canal is necessary.
Why are Root Canals Necessary?
When the nerves within the tooth are damaged from decay or trauma, there aren’t many options other than a root canal. Most people believe that a root canal is painful, but the reality is that the pain comes from ignoring the issue too long. 
If you want to avoid the pain of a root canal, pay attention when you feel pain. As soon as your teeth begin to bother you, they are trying to say something. If you feel sensitivity to pressure, foods or temperature, it’s time to get to the dentist. Don’t ignore the obvious and delay getting treatment.
Another concern is stress and anxiety. When you clench or grind your teeth, it puts immense pressure in the mouth. This leads to tooth damage, aggravated nerves and bone loss. By getting to the dentist early, you have the chance to avoid root canal treatments.
Technology Alleviates Pain
Just over the past few years, dental technology has advanced rapidly and the result is less pain in the dentist’s chair. Here are some methods that are currently being used:
Electric Drills – Today, these drills spin faster while vibrating less. This means less heat transfer to the tooth and less pain.
Anesthesia – New medications are used for numbing and anesthetic procedures. There is a greater control over pain relief as a result. 
Digital Imaging – Dentists can now diagnose issues accurately with the help of digital imaging technology. This reduces the chance of retreatment.
Laser Technology – Some dentists use lasers instead of a drill which reduces the time of treatment and speeds up recovery.
Microscopic Cameras – These tiny tools allow for a better view inside the tooth so the procedure can be performed accurately and quickly. 
Shorter Treatment Times – Root canal treatment has become much shorter; sometimes only lasting an hour.
The best way to avoid the pain of root canal therapy is to take good care of your teeth and see your Summerlin dentist at the first sign of an issue. Prevention is better than treatment. Inspire Dental of Summerlin can be reached at (702) 331-4700, please call us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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