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In a town like Las Vegas, where entertainment is as important as, well, anything…a smile goes a long way. Luckily for all the patients of Summerlin and the surrounding areas, Las Vegas dentist Dr. Tomaro can help transform your smile with the help of several cosmetic dental techniques. One of the most popular available procedures we offer is our in-office or take-home whitening services, which can often provide you with a several shade color improvement in just a single seating. To keep those teeth nice and white after this procedure, or to prevent any stains in the first place, there are plenty of foods one can add to their diet to help naturally whiten teeth.


While they may not have been our favorite options as a child, most adults come around to not only enjoy the taste of fruits and vegetables, but appreciate their benefits for our health as well. By adding a vegetable like broccoli to your diet, you not only can receive a boost of vitamins to help protect the enamel of the teeth, but also have the teeth naturally polished by it if eaten raw. Apples, eaten chopped up or on the core, can also be a big benefit to the teeth. They help eliminate oral bacteria, strengthen the gums and whiten the teeth as you chomp away. Their naturally high water content also helps to act as an artificial saliva, which can help wash away any lingering food particles, as well as their own inherent sugars.


When considering a different part of the food pyramid, calcium rich foods, such as milk, cheese, and chicken provide the teeth protection too. They help the give enamel extra protection with vitamin and nutrient boosts, and can fight off staining. Small snacks such as nuts, like almonds, or some seeds can also help in the way of vitamin delivery, as well as acting as a natural polisher…in case you are looking for a good on-the-go mouth healthy treat.


By eating a balanced diet, maintaining a regular at-home oral health regimen and twice yearly cleanings with your Las Vegas dentist, you can have amazing, pearly whites for years to come.


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