Choosing the Right Type of Sedation Dentistry

It was found in a recent poll that around 80% of Americans fear going to the dentist because of prior dental trauma, belonephobia (fear of needles), or generalized anxiety. Because of such ubiquitous fear, dentists are coming up with novel ways to ease people’s anxieties. An example of such is the nascent procedure of sedation dentistry. And our Summerlin NV Dentist offers many options!


Summerlin NV Dentist Offers Sedation Dentistry


Sedation dentistry alleviates the terror of going to the dentist for one simple reason: it gets you high or it knocks you out. Within sedation dentistry, there is a gradation of intensity. It ranges from minimal sedation, which relaxes the patient to a degree without putting them to sleep, to general anesthesia which renders the patient unconscious (with varying levels of intensity in between).


Minimum Sedation

The patient breathes in nitric oxide—also known as laughing gas—through a mask, bringing the patient to a state of relaxation. This is the weakest form of sedation, as laughing gas wear off relatively quickly.


Moderate Sedation

A more powerful form of sedation is called oral sedation. This procedure involves the administering of oral sedative drugs—usually something in the Valium family— which soothes the patient’s nerves to a point of complete tranquility. Some patients fall asleep while under oral sedation, but most do not.


Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia

The most intense form of sedation, as stated above, is general anesthesia. This is used on patients who cannot stand being awake during dental procedures. The intravenous drugs are given to the patient, who is subsequently knocked unconscious and does not reawaken until long after the procedure is complete. This is the same anesthetic used on patients who have any type of rigorous surgery.


If you’re one of the 80% of Americans who have an unabating fear of teeth-fixers, you should consider sedation dentistry. It is completely safe and allows you to have peace of mind while getting those pearly whites fixed. Call your Summerlin NV Dentist today.

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