Your Las Vegas Dentist on How Dieting Damages Your Oral Health

A healthy diet to shed the excess weight is always a good idea, but the type of diet you choose is critical to your overall health as well as the health of your teeth. Choosing a “fad” diet or crash-dieting can not only have detrimental effects on your body but also on your teeth and mouth.

With the low or no carb dieting route you might find that your breath takes on an unusual scent, much like the acetone that is found in nail polish remover. This ‘might be’ a sign of ketosis that comes when there is a lack of carbs in the body. Carbohydrates are essential for fueling the body and when there is lack, the body begins to burn ‘fats’ instead, which is the objective. When no or low carb dieting goes to the extreme and ketosis, too many ketones are in the body, occurs then the body burns muscle instead of fat and fatigue and perhaps damage to the heart can occur.


Dieting Can Lower Intake of This Essential Vitamin

There are some diets that stress eating only fruits and vegetables for a week, but limiting the amount of the required daily allowance of all food groups can bring on malnutrition and a deficiency of vitamin-B! Vitamin B is essential for oral health. Without it, the mouth is more prone to gum or mouth irritation and inflammation. The high levels of sugar in the fruit can also bring about damage to tooth enamel which brings about tooth decay and cavities.
If you think you can bring down the bulge fast with diet pills, this toxic approach usually consists of caffeine and sugar, bringing stress and agitation to the body. The use of diet pills also decreases saliva production and a condition called a dry mouth. With a drier mouth, you are more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities.

Call Your Las Vegas Dentist's Office Today for Healthy Tips

The best way to lose and keep off the excess pounds is more exercise paired with eating balanced meals with smaller portions throughout the day. You will smile again with those beautiful teeth when you next step on the scale. Slow and steady healthy eating is always the best idea. If you are looking for a comprehensive doctor to take care of your dental needs, then visit your Las Vegas dentist for check-ups and more tips on leading a healthy life.

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