89134 Dentist Discusses Enamel Erosion

Where might issues such as tooth decay, sensitivity, staining and the need for a root canal all start? Answer- enamel erosion. Daily, Dr. Tomaro, your dentist in Las Vegas NV 89102, treats patients suffering from these issues with various cosmetic and advanced dental treatments. To keep your enamel from getting to that point of needing repair, today we will be discussing the how’s and why’s of enamel erosion.


But before we dive into causation, we should start with the definition. What is enamel? Why is it so important? It is the clear, outer protective layer of the teeth. Much like the shell of an egg, it keeps the insides (the dentin and nerves compared to the yolk) safe from harm. But also like the shell of an egg, once it sees some substantial damage- it can be hard to fix it naturally. Even though enamel is the hardest single surface in the body, it does not regenerate. So once it is gone, it is gone and leaves your teeth open to dental damage.


So what causes enamel erosion? Most of it boils down to diet and habit. Try to steer clear of sugary or acidic food and beverages, while brushing and flossing daily- at a basic level. For a more intricate view of what enamel does for you, as well as how to protect it from damage, you can head HERE for an informational slideshow about erosion and more.


Besides monitoring diet and maintaining your daily oral health regimen, regularly scheduled visits to your dentist in Las Vegas NV are highly recommended in order to keep your smile intact as well.


For more information, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tomaro, today, call our office at (702) 331-4700.


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