Summerlin Dentist on that Clean Brush Feeling

Your Summerlin dentist, Dr. Tomaro, knows how much it can take to ward off bacteria and germs in this day and age. It takes everyone, not just a dental office, the right combination of tools, techniques and products to defeat these microbes- and even when you think you have the upper hand, they can still be around. Everything from a cold to gum disease can all start because of some pesky germs that didn’t get wiped out- and that is what we will be discussing with you today.


One of the tools we mentioned above is one that you actually have at home and use (or should use) on a daily basis: your toothbrush! Using this instrument twice daily for at least two minutes per session will help eliminate great numbers of oral bacteria and germs that can cause gingivitis, decay and more. However, we all know that germs don’t just exist inside of our mouths. What happens in the other 23+ hours in a day when the brush is just sitting there, exposed to the air and other potential “contaminating factors?” Here is how you can keep your brush as germ-free as can be:


-Rinse your brush thoroughly with hot water after use to dislodge any debris.

-Store the brush upright in a holder that allows for open air to flow to it.

-Allow the brush to dry completely and don’t let it make contact with other surfaces.

-Replace your brush every 3-4 months.

-Never share a brush with anyone else, even your closest friend or significant other.


Following these simple instructions will ensure your brush is the best it can be when it comes to the big show: brushing your teeth! Of course, no regimen is ever 100% complete without the help of your Summerlin dentist! Give our office a call today to schedule you next visit at (702) 331- 4700.


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