Teeth Whitening Summerlin

There are a lot of over-the-counter teeth whitening products available nowadays. The question here is, are they really as effective as advertised? Dr. Tomaro, the dentist to go to for Teeth Whitening Summerlin, helps explain the effectiveness of such products below.


One of the most widely used teeth whitening products is whitening toothpaste. These are toothpaste with added ingredients that said to be whitening.


But the reality is that teeth whitening toothpaste doesn’t really give you that pearly white brightness of a smile, unless you naturally have white teeth. This is because whitening toothpaste only deals with the surface stains, and it doesn’t affect your teeth’s natural color.

Unlike in other teeth whitening routines in cosmetic dentistry, whitening toothpaste doesn’t delve further into the dentin. It only works as a stain remover on the enamel of the tooth, dealing with everyday stains from the food we consume and from other lifestyle habits like smoking. It does only repel stains and discolorations before they become permanent on the teeth. It is important to note that whitening doesn’t happen right away. The process takes weeks of tooth brushing while using a whitening toothpaste. To achieve the best results, users are advised continual and regular usage along with proper oral hygiene and a tooth-friendly diet.


 What’s in a Teeth Whitening Toothpaste?


Additionally, understanding the active ingredients found in toothpastes gives you the general idea of how toothpastes work to whiten your teeth. It will also help you out in choosing what whitening toothpaste is suitable for your particular need and lifestyle.


Whitening toothpaste that contains chemical ingredients like Blue Covarine gives an immediate optical illusion of whitening results. Although the lasting effect is not that long compared to the other methods of teeth whitening, brightness can be maintained through regular usage.


All in all, toothpaste whitening products are best when combined with other teeth whitening approaches. Follow important products considerations in choosing what method to use and select a safe product. Look for appropriate authority seals when shopping for teeth whitening products. You can also consult with our dental professional, Dr. Tomaro, the dentist for Teeth Whitening Summerlin.

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