Bad breath is an all too common problem. People battle this problem for a very long time before they figure out the cause of their bad breath. One should understand that morning breath is not the same thing as bad breath. Bad breath is an actual dental problem, that cannot be fixed by simply cleaning your teeth better, or more often. There are underlying causes for bad breath. If those causes are left to worsen, then the bad breath that a person experiences will continue, no matter what products they use. 
But Products Help Though, Right?
Certainly. Don’t give up on fighting the good fight against bad breath. There are several causes of bad breath, and one of them is a cleanliness issue. To have constant bad breath, one must have bad oral hygiene, so that the germs and bacteria colonize and form plaque and tartar, which give off a bad stench. The food that you eat leaves behind small particles on and in between your teeth, gums, tongue, and other parts of your mouth. If those are left to rot, it will give off a bad odor, and only cleaning your mouth will fix the problem. Mouthwash with alcohol in it is a great way to kill all those germs and bacteria that are exuding those bad smells. 
Will Any Mouthwash Work?
It depends on what is causing your bad breath. It has been proven that certain medications will give a person bad breath. Using a mouthwash with a strong, fresh scent will certainly help, but will not fix the problem. Mouthwash with fluoride and alcohol are the best products to use, because it will kill all the bacteria that help cause the bad breath. However, if those brands are just too expensive or you cannot get them for whatever reason, any mouthwash will work. Using any mouthwash is better than not using any at all. 
Certain infections, gum disease, gingivitis, and periodontal disease will certainly give someone bad breath. Talk to your 89134 dentist about fixing the underlying problem rather than swishing mouthwash every hour to mask your bad breath. 

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