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Accelerated orthodontics is now becoming very popular, especially with adults because the method allows straightening of teeth in just a few months instead of years. If you’re bothered by crooked teeth or if you have bite problems, but you don’t like the thought of wearing braces for many years, accelerated orthodontics is a good option.


Accelerated Orthodontics Advantages


  • Speed

The main advantage of accelerated orthodontics treatment is its speed. With traditional orthodontics treatment, you may need to wear braces for about two to four years. Accelerated orthodontics strengthens your teeth in under a year. Most patients who went through accelerated orthodontics have only worn braces for just 3 to 8 months.


  • Improved dental health

With accelerated orthodontics treatment, you gain more than just a pretty smile. There are dental health advantages as well. Braces help in correcting structural problems that may be causing you crooked teeth or overbite. This can improve your overall dental health. Having straight teeth actually contributes to the health of your teeth and gums, as well as the ability to bite, chew, and speak properly.


Accelerated Orthodontics Disadvantages


Accelerated orthodontics treatment requires a minor surgical method, and is usually performed by a periodontist/gum specialist a week after applying the braces.  Done under local anesthesia, the procedure adjusts the gums and bones that hold your teeth in its current location. This allows your teeth to move into their proper location more quickly. This surgery normally causes discomfort. It is common for patients to experience a prickling sensation with accelerated orthodontics treatment because their teeth move so much faster than with traditional braces.



Accelerated orthodontics treatment is suitable for most people who are eligible for traditional orthodontics. Most types of braces can be used in accelerated orthodontics including metal, ceramic, and lingual braces.


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