Smile Design


A Smile Design is a custom approach to improving the overall look, feel and function of your teeth in harmony with your unique facial features. At Dr. Tomaro Exceptional Dentistry in Las Vegas, Nevada, we focus on developing a personal relationship with each and every one of our patients. This is the key to designing your perfect smile.
Developing Your Smile Design
A Smile Makeover Design starts by performing an in-depth evaluation of your bone structure, jaw alignment, muscle function, and shape of your teeth, lips, mouth and face. It is important to take all of these factors under careful consideration to determine your aesthetic goals and treatment plan.
Las Vegas Smile Makeover dentist Dr. Tomaro makes recommendations based on his experience and artistic skill and your unique features. You'll examine dental photos, as well as images of your own teeth and smile with experienced members of our team to establish clear expectations.  We make sure you understand the recommended procedures, the goals of each procedure and the overall outcome of your Smile Design.
If you are ready to really make a significant improvement in your appearance and your level of confidence, let us design a smile for you. To learn more about Smile Design or any other cosmetic dentistry procedure, contact our smile makeover dentist today.
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