Sedation Dentistry

Some patients associate pain and fear with visiting their Las Vegas dentist's office. Others have an enormous amount of anxiety when they go in for their routine oral check-ups. For many people, the fear and anxiety are enough to deter them from getting the dental care they need.
Oral Sedation Dentistry
Oral sedation dentistry is the newest technique to help any patient with anxiety and fear to relax and feel comfortable while receiving their cosmetic dentistry treatments. A small pill is given to the patient prior to the dental visit. The patient takes the pill an hour before the appointment and a friend or family member takes the patient to and from the dental office. Taking the pill prior to arriving at our dental office ensures that the patient is calm and relaxed before entering the office. Some patients feel high anxiety once they step into a dental office. Our sedation dentistry team wants to ensure that every patient is comfortable upon entering our office.
A member of our dentistry team helps the sedation dentistry patients be seated in a comfortable dental chair and checks vital signs. This team member monitors the patients during the dental procedures.   
Sedation Dentistry Benefits
The anxiety and fear that many patients experience often deters them from visiting the dental office for necessary dental cleanings. These patients' teeth suffer from the lack of dental care and many of them need multiple procedures such as a smile makeover to ensure excellent oral health.
There are several benefits to sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry patients enjoy the following:
Feeling confident getting routine checkups
Knowing that they are safe and comfortable
The ease of maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile
A feeling of relaxation before, during, and after the dental procedures
Being able to have multiple treatments without pain or fear
Dr. Wilson will discuss your medical history before he prescribes the oral sedation medication to you. There are several safe medications that were developed especially for sedation dentistry. If one is not right for you or your health, our dentists will know of one that is right for you. These medications have been safely used for decades to help patients with their oral care.
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