Reviews from Dentists

The Dentist's Dentist: Arthur A. Tomaro

Recognized as an expert among colleagues and other dental professionals, DISCOVER why dentists, dental technicians, assistants, and hygienists have Dr. Tomaro as their personal care dentist. See why dentists travel from all over to have Dr. Tomaro treat them for their dental needs, wants and desires.
"When the time came to have my mouth restored, once again Tony was the one to call. Tony not only cured my TMJ problems, but gave me the most beautiful smile a person could imagine. I still receive compliments daily!" - Dr. Jerry B. Mulder
"Dr. Tomaro is very unique in his ability to diagnose, communicate, and demonstrate the procedure to meet the patient's desires and put them at ease and feel confident about their decision for any treatment." - Dr. Alfredo Gapuz