Signs of a Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess is a pocket that forms and fills with pus and is caused by a bacterial infection. An abscess can occur in any region of a tooth for several different reasons. There are periapical abscesses that occur deeper, near the tip of the root and there are periodontal abscesses that occur in the gums next to an infected tooth’s root.


A periapical abscess is usually the result of a cavity that went untreated for a long period of time or it can be caused by an injury or previous dental work.


Your 89134 dentist will treat a tooth abscess by draining the pus and removing any infected tissue. Sometimes they can save the tooth by performing a root canal, however, in more severe cases, the tooth may need to be extracted.


An abscess that is left untreated may lead to even more serious and even life-threatening infections and complications.


Symptoms of an Abscess


Signs of a tooth abscess may include, but are not limited to the following:

· A severe, persistent or throbbing toothache that radiates into the jawbone, ear or neck.

· Intense sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.

· Sensitivity to pressure from chewing or biting into foods.

· A fever with no other apparent cause.

· Swelling in the face, cheek of soft palette.

· Swollen or tender lymph nodes in your neck under your jaw.

· A sudden foul smell or bad tasting fluid in your mouth and relief if the abscess is ruptured.


If you have any of these signs or symptoms it may be time to consult your doctor or dentist. If you have a high fever and swelling in your face, but are unable to reach your 89134 dentist, a visit to the emergency room is recommended as the infection could potentially spread throughout your body and could become life-threatening.


Risk Factors


· Bad dental hygiene – Having poor dental hygiene and not properly taking care of your teeth and gums can increase your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, abscesses and other dental complications.


· Sugary diets – A diet full of foods that are rich in sugar such as sodas and candy, greatly increases your risk of dental complications.


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