Your Last Vegas Dentist Shares Tips on How to Save Your Teeth

There are always dental myths and facts that we hear constantly, like brushing your teeth twice a day (fact) and if you don’t see anything wrong with your teeth, then that means nothing is wrong with them (myth). But people damage their teeth far more than they realize, especially when they may think that they’re helping or improving them. Here, your Las Vegas Dentist wants you to know some of the situations where people are hurting their teeth.


Brushing Your Teeth Immediately After Eating
Because the minerals that cover and protect your teeth are broken down from the food and drinks you had, your mouth is technically “weak” and brushing them will damage the enamel. Your saliva hasn’t had the proper amount of time to break down the bacteria, so while fluoride in toothpaste does help protect your teeth, it’s still painful to scrub them.


Using a Hard Bristled Tooth Brush
While they may sound better because they’re tougher, you’re tricked into the idea that the tougher, the better, but that’s not the case. Your mouth is more sensitive than you realize, so using aggressive toothbrushes will damage your teeth and gums. Buying a soft bristled tooth brush will benefit you more because it’ll be easier on your mouth and feel better, all while doing everything that a hard bristled tooth brush does, as well.


When and How You Floss
There are those people who never floss, or when they do, it’s a few days before their dentist appointment (don’t do this either—it’ll do much more harm than good, and your dentist can tell that you’ve done the sympathy floss). When you floss, you should do it before you brush your teeth to loosen any food particles that may be wedged in between your teeth. As you floss, don’t rub against your gums or it’ll hurt and you’re more likely to damage them. Floss up and down the sides of your tooth, slowly and gently. Taking your time is important.


If you have any other questions about daily regimens you may be participating in that could be damaging your teeth, don’t hesitate to contact your Las Vegas Dentist at (702) 331-4700 to make an appointment or consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!


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