The Art & Science of Cosmetic Dentistry

Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentist


Dr. Arthur Tomaro is touted by his peers as the “dentist’s dentist” because of his dedication to the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. Learn more about the blend of art and science that comprises cosmetic dentistry below.


Cosmetic Dentists are uniquely trained in procedures designed to fit the aesthetic needs and goals of each patient; the science of dentistry is used to achieve the results but artistry is what sets cosmetic dentists apart.


While beauty cannot be measured, it takes the keen eye of a cosmetic dentist to create aesthetically pleasing results. Cosmetic dentists consider the aesthetics of each individual patient, as well as the proportions of existing facial structure.


Many patients are looking for a ‘celebrity smile’ are looking for a smile that has the following features:

-          Straight, white teeth

-          Lip Symmetry

-          Minimal gum appearance


Through the use of cosmetic dentistry procedures, cosmetic dentists like Dr. Tomaro are able to provide their patients with the highly sought after ‘celebrity smile.’ 


Common Cosmetic Procedures include:

Dental Crowns

Instant Orthodontics

Teeth Whitening

Smile Design