Did you Know this is what your Mouth Could be Saying?


A dental visit entails a comprehensive exam and a cleaning. Sometimes,  x-rays will be taken in order to visualize the structures that are hidden beneath the gum line. Did you know that there is a lot more to your average dental exam than just taking a peek around the mouth to find cavities? There is quite a bit that your mouth says about your habits and your general health. Here are 3 secrets that your mouth may give away.


Secret #1 - You flossed.

Here's an interesting thing about flossing: it leaves evidence behind. This is particularly true when flossing is something that gets left for the night before a dental visit, or the morning of. When the intent of this pre-visit floss is to make it look like you've been doing it all along, you may be slightly tough on your gums. This will show up under magnification as tiny lines on this soft tissue. At the same time, the plaque and tartar buildup that has occurred over months of time will still be there. Take-away: no need to floss before a dental exam if you haven't made a habit of this since your last visit!


Secret #2 - You down a soda - or several - every day.

Soda has become a widely consumed beverage, giving children and adults alike a tasty treat. The problem is that soda is also giving consumers a good "acid washing" of their teeth. You might think that dentists warn against soda for its potential to cause tooth decay. In reality, the prevalent problem we are seeing today is erosion across several teeth due to the citric acid or other acidic ingredients in this type of beverage. And sports drinks are not a better alternative. They also erode enamel very quickly.


Secret #3 - You may have a health condition.

The mouth is a good indicator of general health and wellness. It can divulge that you may be diabetic, or that you are pregnant. In fact, there are even ways to look into the mouth and see that there is a vitamin deficiency!


The fact that your mouth may give away certain secrets is a good thing. It means that your dentist can provide the type of care you need to be healthier overall. For your visit with your cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas, call (702) 331-4700.

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