Cosmetic Dentistry in Las Vegas Shares Why Patients Frequently Visit the Dentist


Why do you think that dentists recommend visiting for a routine check-up every six months? There are many people who want to stay as far away from the doctor’s office as possible! Whether they’re anxious, uncomfortable, or just don’t want to take time out of their day to go, a majority of people ignore the care that their smile may need. Here at your cosmetic dentistry in Las Vegas, we dive into the reasons as to why patients should visit their dentist routinely.


Every patient has their own, unique smile, so your time visiting the dentist may differ from another patient’s. If you find that you’re having more dental troubles than normal (suffering from sensitivity, bleeding while you brush and floss, pain while you talk, sleep, or eat), you may be visiting the dentist more than usual.


Another thing to consider is the age of the patient—when you’re a child, keeping up with your dental appointments is important because your teeth are still extremely vulnerable. They can easily decay if a child has a poor diet that includes candies, sweet drinks like sodas and fruit juices, and desserts. Your teeth go through a lot of changes, so we recommend meeting up with your dentist consistently in order to keep up with the way your permanent teeth are growing.


If you have a healthy set of teeth, people may not think that they have to visit their dentist every six months, but there’s nothing wrong with doing it anyway! These appointments aren’t just for these routine cleanings—they’re also for prevention care, to make sure that your teeth aren’t suffering from any infection or disease.


All in all, your smile matters! Your cosmetic dentistry in Las Vegas has a variety of procedures and treatments that can help and improve the smile of thousands of patients. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Tomaro by calling our office at (702) 331-4700.

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